Welcome to the Lansing Non-Pipes Alternative (NPA) Project website. If you are a NYSEG Natural Gas Customer in the Lansing, NY area you may be eligible for significant financial assistance to help you reduce your demand and consumption of natural gas. Earth Sensitive Solutions, LLC is proud to be the Project Manager of a project that demonstrates that there are alternatives to building pipelines.

The alternatives available in this project will be targeting home heating and domestic water heating. Homeowners will have the option to install any of the following measures that will result in a reduction of natural gas demand and consumption.

Home Performance Improvements

Heat Pump Water Heaters

Air Source Heat Pumps

Geothermal Heating & Cooling

Each alternative has a wide range of costs & benefits. The following table is provided to give a general sense of relative comparison regarding installation cost, program incentive, other incentives and operating cost. Actual costs and benefits for a specific situation can only be determined by one of our trained technicians conducting a site visit, so please register to get your site visit scheduled.

Replacing an 80,000 Btu Natural Gas Furnace
and a 40,000 Natural Gas Hot Water Heater
with a 4 Ton Geothermal Heat Pump
NYSEG Gas Incentive -18,000
NYSEG Clean Heat Rebate -$6,550
Cost Before Tax Credits $23,450
Federal Tax Credit 30% -$7,035
State Tax Credit 25%- Capped at $5,000 -$5,000
Monthly Payments as Low as $81.55/mo

You will need to REGISTER to obtain a no cost proposal reflecting your specific situation and needs.